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127mm f/7.5 (950mm focal length) ED Triplet Apochromatic Refractor

- Optics tube with mounting bracket and base
- built-in, extendable dew shield
- 2" diagonal
- illuminated, crosshair viewfinder
- large, sturdy aluminum case
- Teleskop-Werkstatt specialty adjustment, incl. proof of quality

(test record incl. startest, ronchi, collimation, with individual serialnumber)!

starting price: 1.199,00 €

Ask for offer or order directly

The ED127 is a triple element apochromatic refractor (APO). Ist triple objective lens made from highest quality extra-low dispersion (ED) Japanese FCD1 glass (similar to FPL-51) renders the triplet virtually free of chromatic aberration, only very high magnification levels (starting ca. 200x), result in a slight color fringing. The ED127 offers a high level of detail perceptibility, due to the high contrast and resolution, especially with deepsky-objects.

The optics is adjustable, but are first collimated, then fixated by us before delivery.  This prevents a loss of adjustment over time, even with heavy use.

The focuser is based on the Crayford – principle, with 1:10 reduction, to ease precise adjustment.

The viewfinder is 8x50mm, focusable, and is mounted on the edge of the focuser. Freely pivotable, it enables a good view from all angles.

The telescope tube is aluminium and blackened on the inside to avoid scattered light. The dew shield is removable.
Mounting the telescope is simple, due to the brackets, handle and base.

The ED127 comes with an aluminium transport case.

Before delivery, we adjust the diagonal, which has a reflection of 99%.

The interferometric test certificate supplied by the manufacturer does not necessarily provide a guarantee for precise collimation.

This refractor is also sold under the brandname Maxvision and Astronomy Technologies (Astro-Tech).   Testresults and consumer reports for these products can be found in the internet – and are widely congruent with our "NoName" offer.  Don't underestimate the added advantage we have over our "brand cousins"… Each of our telescopes are manually checked and collimated before delivery!!
We have been using our "sample" since March 2008 and have disassembled and reconstructed it completely..

Independent test results for this telescope (German):

Field reports (customers) with this telescope: Reports

Pictures made with this telescope: Pictures


ED APO 127mm f/7.5 (950mm) NoName

Optics, Tube, Mounting brackets/base, Case, proof of quality,
2" diagonal 99%, illuminated viewfinder, 2x eyepieces

please ask!

incl. S & H
 within Germany



Technical Specifications :

Brand: InnoComp "NoName"
Model: ED127 mm f/7.5 ED-APO-Triplett
Aperture: 127 mm
focal length: 950 mm (952,5mm)
Ratio: f/7.5
Resolution: 0,9"
Apochromatischer Refraktor mit ED-Element, Triplet
Glass Japanese FCD1 ED (Extremely Low Dispersion) tempered glass
Weight Tube/Optics: 7.2 kg

Product Images (click to enlarge):


You are welcome to visit us with your present eye pieces. For comparison, we like to use. e.g.: TeleVue Zoom 3-6mm, Meade Serie 5000 14mm UWA, Baader Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm, Scopos Expanse 35mm, Meade Serie 4000 55mm, in order to eliminate the possibility of a flaw in the optics.


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