Atik Infinity COLOR CCD camera 11mm sensor "automatic" shooting

Atik Infinity COLOR CCD camera 11mm sensor automatic shooting
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Atik Infinity COLOR CCD camera 11mm sensor "automatic" shooting

Atik Infinity Color CCD Camera - Sensor D = 11 mm, fully automatic

Make beautiful colored astro shots of nebulae and galaxies, high-resolution planetary shots or a video flight over the lunar surface - without elaborate image editing!
♦ Easy adaptation to the telescope

♦ Also works with azimuthal GoTo telescopes.

♦ Astrophotography with beginner's telescopes or with Dobson's on a tracking platform. No complicated tracking control (guiding) more necessary.

♦ Photographing nebulae and galaxies: The software automatically computes the images - watch LIVE on screen to see how the deep-sky object becomes more and more contrastive, colorful and powerful with every passing minute.

♦ Video Astronomy: Perfect for demonstrations - present high-resolution planetary videos or a flight over the lunar craters.

♦ Autoguiding: The INFINITY camera is a full autoguider with ST-4 autoguiding adaptation.

♦ High quality Sony ICX825 sensor with EXview HAD CCD II technology for best results.

♦ Only 340 grams light - is also well held by small focuser.

ATIK Infinity COLOR - Color CCD Camera:
The Infinity is Atik's first CCD camera with revolutionary technology. Astrophotography without hours of image processing or expensive editing programs for all amateur astronomers, that's what the ATIK Infinity promises. Almost any telescope, from the single-scope telescope with simple tracking to the azimuthal GoTo telescope, can be used.

Deep sky photography as an experience for all - almost without effort!

The new easy-to-use software automatically calculates the images on top of each other. Tracking errors or image rotation are automatically eliminated. Experience LIVE on the screen of your computer as the fog or galaxy grows brighter and more details come to light.

♦ The exposure time can be freely selected.
♦ Contrast, brightness, etc. can be changed manually.
♦ LIVE viewing on screen (great for screenings)
♦ YouTube live streaming integrated
♦ FITs, PNG and JPG can be selected as storage formats

Other important features:

♦ Best results from SONX ICX825 sensor
♦ Continuous live stacking
♦ Flexible histogram control
♦ Interactive session replay
♦ Sharpening and monitoring tools
♦ Frames can also be edited manually, even with flats and darks
♦ Chip temperature can be read from the Fits header for FITS files
♦ Plugins for Astroart and Maxim DL
♦ A filter wheel is not controllable.

Astrophotography with all telescopes - Prerequisite is just a tracking! Even with an easy-tracking beginner's telescope with no control, astrophotography is now possible. Simply set the shutter speed (up to 120 seconds) so that the stars are still round. Then let the camera run and watch as the fog gets more and more gorgeous.

Astrophotography with azimuthal GoTo telescopes! ... Until now hardly feasible, because after a few seconds exposure time, the edge stars are distorted, it is no problem with the ATIK Infinity. The exposure time should be set between 10 seconds and 40 seconds and already beautiful shots of the sky.

Follow-up control is no longer necessary with the ATIK Infinity! ... Just let the mount run - the better the mount runs, the longer it can be exposed.

The results are impressive! ... Already "out of the box" the recordings are worth seeing - just save and show or enjoy live on the monitor. The software allows easy image editing, which can make after a few minutes even star friends without experience itself. Nevertheless, the images are also a full-fledged basis for all astrophotographers who want to get out of the shots with selected image editing and hours of use "a little more".

Below is the link to a video on - see how the globular cluster M13 emerges live on the monitor.
M13 live video through ATIK INFINITY

VIDEO Astronomy
Most Astro video cameras have rather simple sensors installed - not the ATIK INFINITY. The high-quality SONY sensor offers best results and high resolution. This makes impressive astro videos possible - ideal for public observatories, but also for the whole family.

Impress friends and relatives with a flight over the lunar surface or a video trip to the planets of our solar system - produced by you. Or take the video footage as a base for high-resolution planetary photos.

The possibilities of the ATIK INFINITY are, as the name implies, almost unlimited. Of course, the ultra-light camera can also be used as an autoguider. For example, if you want to take a wide-field shot with your DSLR camera. The camera has the standard ST-4-level connector and thanks to the ultra-sensitive Sony sensor you will never have a lack of guide stars.

Sensor: Sony ICX825 CCD COLOR
Sensor size: diameter 11 mm - 9 mm x 6.7 mm
Resolution: 1392 x 1040 pixels
Pixel size: 6.45 μm
ADC: 16 bit
Readout noise: 6e
Cooling: passive
Computer connection: USB 2.0 High Speed
Autoguider connection: ST4 level
Power supply: 12 V DC
Maximum exposure time: 120 s
Minimum exposure time: 1/1000 s
Download time: about 0.3 s
Weight: 340 g
Telescopic connection: T2 thread and 1.25 "plug connection
Distance from T2 thread to the chip: support dimension 13 mm
Image formats: FITS, PNG and JPG
System requirements: Pentium III PC with 128 MB RAM, Windows 10 / Vista / Win7 / Win8 (not RT), CD-ROM drive, USB 2.0 port
Software: for camera control and recording

♦ Infinity camera
♦ 1.25 "socket
♦ Infinity recording software
♦ 3 meter USB cable
♦ 1.8 meter 12V cable with cigarette lighter plug
♦ CD-ROM with drivers, software and instructions (English)
♦ Quick Start Guide (paper) in German and English
Atik Infinity COLOR CCD camera 11mm sensor automatic shooting
Atik Infinity COLOR CCD camera 11mm sensor automatic shooting
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