ZWO Color / Color Astro CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm

ZWO Color / Color Astro CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm
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ZWO Color CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm

The ASI 294MC is the first camera with the latest Sony IMX294CJK sensor. Ideal astro camera for lunar and planetary photography and for deep sky.
♦ Sensor: Sony 4/3 "CMOS Color Sensor IMX294CJK

♦ Sensor diameter 23.2 mm (measured by ZWO)

♦ Pixels: 4.63 μm pixels - 4144 x 2822 pixels

♦ Short download time through USB 3.0 - can also be used with USB 2.0

♦ AR protection filter installed - full passage also in the infrared

♦ Connectors: T2, 1.25 "and 2" available

♦ Extremely high sensitivity thanks to "back-illuminated" sensor. The QE is more than 75%

♦ With just 30 seconds of exposure time, you can capture faint nebulae and galaxies.

♦ Extremely short exposure times enable high-resolution images of the moon and planets. The air turbulence is "frozen".

♦ Extensive scope of delivery

ZWO ASI294 color CMOS camera for astrophotography
ASI cameras stand for a very good workmanship and have modern CMOS sensors installed. This camera uses the modern "back-illuminated" Sony IMX294CJK sensor.

Sony itself specifies a sensor diameter of 21.63 mm. However, measurements by ZWO have shown a real diameter of 23.2 mm. The 4.3-μm pixels of the ZWO ASI294MC make this camera an all-rounder with maximum sensitivity for short exposure times.

The "single-shot" color camera offers more comfort than monochrome cameras. Not everyone wants to go through the elaborate L-RGB process for beautiful colored fog shots or planetary shots. The color cameras offer you the opportunity to get beautiful shots without changing the filter.

Advantages and product features of the ASI 294MC Color Camera:

♦ USB 3.0 for a quick download - can also be operated with USB 2.0
♦ Sensitive CMOS sensor with 23.2 mm diameter
♦ Good resolution through 4.6 μm pixels
♦ Distance T2 connection thread (internal thread) to the camera sensor: 17.5 mm
♦ Supplied with AR clear glass filter - full passage also in the infrared. If the IR is to be blocked, an IR cut filter is needed.
♦ Very high sensitivity - QE over 75% - ideal astronomy camera for faint objects
♦ 14bit ADC
♦ HCG mode - if Gain is greater than 120 (12 db), the readout noise will be reduced below 2e - Result: Despite extremely high sensitivity, you will get low-noise images.
♦ Full-Well-Capacity 63700e - even bright stars do not burn anymore, they get a better signal-to-noise ratio.
♦ Adaptations, cables ... are included

Application areas of the camera:

♦ Moon and planetary images: Extremely short exposure times due to high sensitivity freeze the air turbulence. Due to the high resolution of the sensor many details can be reproduced even with a shorter telescope focal length. Video astronomy is also possible.

♦ Deep Sky images (nebulae and galaxies): Due to the high sensitivity, nebulae and galaxies are imaged after only a few seconds. Although the camera is not cooled, low-noise recordings with high resolution succeed. By raising the GAIN (comparable to the ISO setting for digital SLR cameras), you can reduce exposure times to less than 30 seconds. Effects due to air turbulence or inaccuracies of tracking are thus switched off.

Optimal support before and after purchase:
We work with the cameras ourselves and can offer you optimal advice. Which camera fits your telescope, how do you achieve the optimal adaptation ...

Downloads, Drivers: ZW Optical provides software and drivers online for free download.

Software and drivers for all ZWO cameras

Sensor: 4/3 ?? CMOS Sony IMC294CJK
Resolution: 11.7 megapixels, 4144 * 2822
Pixel size: 4.63 μm
Sensor size: 23.2 mm diameter
Exposure time: 32 μs to any desired
Sensor protection: AR protection glass
Software requirement: USB 3.0 should be supported by the operating system
Bit rate: 14 bit output
Telescopic connection: T2, 2 "and 1.25"
Distance between T2 internal thread and sensor: 17.5 mm
Size: 62 mm in diameter and 36 mm in length
Weight: 120 grams

♦ ASI camera
♦ T2 female thread adapter
♦ 1.25 "adapter
♦ T2 extension 11 mm
♦ protective covers 1.25 "and 2"
♦ Quick Guide
♦ ST4 cable
♦ USB3.0 cable
ZWO Color / Color Astro CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm
ZWO Color / Color Astro CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm
ZWO Color / Color Astro CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm
ZWO Color / Color Astro CMOS Camera ASI294MC - Sensor D = 23.2 mm
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