Conversion kit MEADE CORONADO PST40 Mod2 with DERF135

Conversion kit MEADE CORONADO PST40 Mod2 with DERF135
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Product no.: PST-Mod2-135
MPN: PST-Mod2-135
Manufacturer: Teleskop-Spezialisten
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Conversion kit MEADE CORONADO PST40 Mod2 with DERF135



An important remark in advance:

For legal reasons, we cannot accept any liability for the conversion kit offered here.

This is because we have no influence on the basic components like DERF and the PST40. Both manufacturers guarantee safe handling. However, the PST40 is disassembled, so the liability at that moment is not applicable.

Logically, we also have no influence on the fact that you really set up the whole thing correctly. It's easy, but we still can't assume liability.

Solar observation is dangerous, so please approach it with due respect.

For the conversion you need patience for one step: the etalon has to be detached from the black base body of the PST40. This is a bit tricky, but doable. We include instructions for this.




How does the conversion kit work?

An existing or new telescope is used as the new main optic. We recommend refractors, a Fraunhofer refractor is completely sufficient, because we observe only in one wavelength.

Before buying a refractor with 200 mm aperture: the air turbulence during the day due to the sun allows high resolutions for a short time, but based on our own experience we do not like to go beyond 120 mm aperture. 

The refractors usually have to be shortened by about 80 mm, because the etalon 200 mm has to be in front of the primary focus of the telescope on the objective side. This can be done easily with patience and a hacksaw. But we can also offer this. Lovingly, the tube is then shortened using a chop saw.

The Coronado PST is disassembled: Etalon and ITF/block filter are needed for the conversion kit. 



The conversion kit contains the following components


  • DERF low-energy filter from Baader-Planetarium, diameter 135 mm
  • 3D printed DERF holder (we need the diameter of the exchange cap when ordering)
  • Adapter 2" to Etalon
  • Adapter Etalon to TS-Optics Heli2 OAZ
  • Focuser TS Heli2
  • Adapter TS Heli2 to ITF & block filter of PST40



The backfocus was defined with 55 mm to be able to use DSLR as well.





Here the setup on the eyepiece side in detail.






The image was combined, slightly sharpened. It contains neither flat- nor darkframe...

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