TS-Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener for 60mm PhotoLine APOs

TS-Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener for 60mm PhotoLine APOs
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TS-Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener for PhotoLine APOs with 60mm opening

Flattener and image field corrector for compact 60mm APO refractors for astrophotography and landscape photography.

♦ Calculated for PhotoLine APO Refractor Telescopes with 60mm aperture for optimal and sharp astro photography
♦ Telescopic side connection via M54x0.75 screw thread - optimum accuracy through screw connection
♦ Including 360 rotation system for optimal camera positioning
♦ Camera side connection via M48x0.75 photo thread
♦ Working distance from the M48 thread of 55mm - with the right T-adapter and a DSLR camera you are automatically in the optimal distance
♦ The distance can be extended to 70mm
♦ Illumination and image field correction given to full format
♦ The telescope focal length is not changed
♦ Telescope is not included

TS-Optics flattener / field corrector for PhotoLine Apo refractors with 60mm opening. The corrector is specially calculated for the compact travel apos of telescope service and brings optimal results with these telescopes. Even the use of cameras with full format sensors is possible. The corrector is especially suitable for:

♦ TS Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/5.5 Apo
♦ TS Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 Apo

Advantages and features:

♦ Connection to the telescope side via the M54x0.75 external thread. The corrector fits directly into the internal thread of these extracts. No sticking and therefore no tilting.
♦ Including 360 rotation system with M54 connector on both sides for a perfect positioning of the camera to the object. The flattener can also be screwed directly to the pullout without a rotation system.
♦ The corrector is calculated especially for the compact and bright travel apos with 60mm opening and brings optimal results with these telescopes.
♦ M48x0.75 camera side port provides 15% better illumination than T2 and also allows the use of full frame sensors.
♦ Working distance of 55mm from the M48 thread. With a suitable T-adapter, which are linked in the accessory area, you will automatically reach the correct distance with a DSLR. If you remove the intermediate ring, you increase the working distance to 70mm and can adapt to any Astro cameras.
♦ The proofreader is multi-layer coated. In addition, a reflection-free antireflection coating is achieved by a matt black interior coating.

The image offers a very high contrast, which is also in the day photography (landscape, birds ..) accommodates.

Illuminated and corrected image field: 42mm
Focal length change: no change in the focal length
System: Flattener / corrector for astrophotography
Connection telescopic side: M54x0.75 male thread (male)
Connection camera side: M48x0.75 male thread - length 4mm
Working distance: 55mm from the M48 male thread
Long length: 66mm
360 rotation: included in the delivery - length 19.5mm

♦ TS flattener with 360 CAA rotation
TS-Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener for 60mm PhotoLine APOs
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