TS Photoline 70mm f / 6 FPL53 triplet ED-Apo Refractor 2 " R&P focuser

TS Photoline 70mm f / 6 FPL53 triplet ED-Apo Refractor 2   R&P focuser
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Test und Justage TSED70Q TS Imaging Star 70mm f/6,78 ED Quadruplet Flatfield APO Refraktor

This telescope is inspected, measured and adjusted if necessary. The eyepiece output is stopped. On request from your telescope, you will receive a meaningful quality certificate (test protocol with star test, Ronchi, adjustment, with individual serial number)! Please specify when ordering!


TS Photoline 70mm f / 6 FPL53 triplet ED-Apo Refractor 2 " R&P focuser

TS Photoline 70mm f / 6-FPL53 Triplet Apo - 2 "rack bar extract
High-quality travelapo from the TS Photoline series for observation and astrophotography.

♦ Opening: 70 mm

♦ Focal length: 420 mm

♦ Opening ratio: f / 6

♦ Triplet lens with FPL53 element - no color error

♦ Quick-cooling aluminum tube

♦ Push-in dew cap - the Apo can even sit in the hand luggage

♦ High-quality 2 "rack and pinion eyepiece extractor with extra storage and 1: 11 support - ideal for astrophotography even with heavier cameras

♦ Universal adapter plate with 3/8 "photoelectric threads (3x) - problem-free adaptation also on prism rails

♦ Weight only 1.86 kg - Transport length only 31 cm

TS Photoline 70 / 420mm-Apo - a perfect traveling telescope for observers and photographers
Under the leadership of Telescope Service, this high-quality Photoline Apo was developed with the FPL53 element from Ohara (Japan). The goal was to build a compact and powerful telescope, which is also attractive for the committed astrophotograph. For this reason, we have equipped the telescope with a modern 2 "R & P eyepiece extension which can also carry heavy accessories such as CCD cameras. Despite very good mechanics, the Apo is a real lightweight with only 1.85 kg and by a length of Only 31 centimeters, the telescope has space for example in the flight baggage.

Photography by the Photoline 70mm-f / 6-Apo:
The Apo has a large back focus of 135 mm from the 2 "socket of the eyepiece ejector, which makes it possible to use our optional image field correctors without any problems.

TSFLAT2 - Corrector without change in focal range - The corrector leaves the focal length at 420 mm and the opening ratio at 1: 6. The corrector provides full correction and good illumination to full format sensors. The optimum working distance from the M48 connection thread to the camera sensor is 128 mm. With the article TSFLAT2A we assume the complete effort of the adaptation. You get a ready-made solution for your CCD or DSLR camera.

TSRED279 - Photoline corrector with focal length reduction - The corrector shortens the focal range of the apos from 420 mm to 331 mm and improves the aperture ratio to 1: 4.74. We recommend the corrector for DSLR cameras up to APS-C sensors and also for CCD cameras with medium-sized sensors such as the KAF-8300. The optimum working distance from the T2 thread of the reducer to the sensor is 65 mm.

Correctors and adapters are of course linked to the accessories.

Observation by the Photoline Apo 70mm f / 6:
The generous working distance of the Apos can even be used for 2 "eyepieces with full illumination, thus opening up a gigantic range of magnification and field of view.

When using a Paragon 35mm 2 "-ED eyepiece and a 2" cite mirror, for example, you reach a facial field of 5.7 degrees with a magnification of 12x. Landscape and animal observation also in the twilight with maximum image brightness or the observation of extensive fog areas with smoke filters are thus possible.

The colorless 70 mm triplet lens allows magnifications up to about 200 times. Recognize fine details on the lunar surface or observe the planets of our solar system. The contrast line of the apos will also surprise you in this area.

The TS Photoline is a universal telescope for all areas of observation and photography and of course for astronomy.

Top mechanics thanks to the 2 "-tooth extension

The eyepiece extractor holds accessories up to 5 kg without tilting. The pull-out tube is adjusted by means of a toothed rack. It is decoupled from the bearing itself. This allows a sensitive adjustment even at maximum load. The 1: 11 microcomputer also provides an accurate setting option for astrophotography.

An M54x0.75 internal thread on the pull-out pipe also allows bolted connections.

The 70mm FPL53 lens

The heart of the refractor is without doubt the multi-compensated 70 mm f / 6 lens with the FPL53 apo element from Ohara (Japan). This high-quality triplet lens with air gap offers a color-pure image even in the high magnification range.

The lens with air gap is of course adjustable. Each lens is provided with the best possible contrast ratio for the manufacturer.

Lens construction:

apochromatic triplet with element from FPL53
Remuneration: fully reimbursed
Opening: 70 mm
Focal length: 420 mm
Opening ratio: 1/6
Tube material: aluminum Tub

Benefit from our experience as a telescope specialist:
For over 30 years we have been passionate about astronomy
Every day we check, optimize & adjust telescopes, mounts & accessories, before handing over to the customer
In this way we know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products
We sell & recommend only products we use ourselves of which we are convinced
For a comprehensive, brand-independent consultation we take a lot of time for you
As the first astronomy specialist, we offer our customers real-time video consulting,
For to see is to understand
Even after the purchase we are there for you & are still at the side for setup and operation
In case of questions or new entry, we offer instruction &
In special cases also on-site service in the Munich area
TS Photoline 70mm f / 6 FPL53 triplet ED-Apo Refractor 2   R&P focuser
TS Photoline 70mm f / 6 FPL53 triplet ED-Apo Refractor 2   R&P focuser
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