Meade Telescope ACF-SC 305/3048 12 "UHTC LX90 GoTo

Meade Telescope ACF-SC 305/3048 12 UHTC LX90 GoTo
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Test und Justage Meade ACF-SC 305/3048 12 Zoll UHTC LX90 LNT GoTo

This telescope is checked, measured and adjusted if necessary before delivery.

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Meade Telescope ACF-SC 305/3048 12 "UHTC LX90 GoTo

The optics Meade ACF-SC:

Meade has developed Advanced Coma Free - a system that delivers perfectly sharp star images across the entire field of view - at the level of professional observatories. The secret of the coma free system is - as the name implies - the absence of the coma, an aberration in which, outside the center of the picture, the starlight is distorted and pulled apart into a comet-like tail. Almost every major telescope worldwide is now a Ritchey-Chrétien, including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The technology of the professionals with the Meade ACF is now also affordable for ambitious amateur astronomers, astrophotographers and CCD photographers. Whether observation or photography: Meade's ACF-Cassegrain optics stand out clearly over conventional serial telescopes. It provides a brilliant bleaching quality that was previously achieved only by Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes and other systems, but cost a multiple of the Meade devices.

The mount Meade LX90:

Now the observation of the starry sky is even easier: The new Meade mount LX90 requires no special previous knowledge: Just build and get started! The built-in electronic compass and alignment sensor make operating the LX90 easy, and the novel reflex finder prevents you from losing track. All you need to do is confirm a reference star proposed and prepositioned by LX90! The LX90 works on the same principle as the big professional wardens and already contains more than 30,000 celestial objects including comets, asteroids and earth satellites in the included AutoStar hand box. All of these objects are quickly, accurately, quietly and reliably positioned by LX90. The computer-optimized mounting of the LX90 (double fork!) Is characterized by very high stability in each tube position and yet extremely low weight. The proven, height-adjustable Meade field drift ensures virtually vibration-free installation - an important aspect that contributes significantly to the overall performance of the system!

Scope of delivery of the mount:

+ AutoStar handbox with software
+ GoTo function with 30,223 objects
+ integrated battery compartment
+ german manual

Technical specifications:


Type: reflector
Type: ACF-Cassegrain
Opening (mm): 305
Focal length (mm): 3048
Aperture ratio (f /): 10
Resolution (arcseconds): 0.38
Limit size (mag): 14.2
Light gathering power (-fold of a 7mm pupil): 1900
Max. Meaningful magnification (-fold): 610
Remuneration: UHTC

Main mirror diameter (mm): 314
Main mirror Material: Pyrex glass
Mirrors Material: Pyrex glass

Type: SC thread
Connection (eyepiece side) (inch): 2

Mounting type: azimuthal
GoTo control: yes
Type: LX90
Tracking speed (sidereal): 128 - 64 - 16 - 8 - 2 - 1
Tracking speed (degrees per second): 6.5 - 3 - 1.5
Power supply (Volt): 12
Power consumption (mA): 1200
Tracking: yes

GoTo control
Database (objects): 30,223
Software: AutoStar # 497
Accuracy (arc minutes): 3
GPS: yes
Alignment method: AutoAlign, 2-star
Language version of the GoTo controller: German

Material: steel
Type: tripod
Height (cm): 76-112

Included accessories
Eyepieces 1.25 '': SPL 26mm
Finderscope: 8x50
Deflection optics: zenith mirror 1.25 "- 90 °
Software: AutostarSuite

Series: LX90
Special recommendation: Yes
Total weight (kg): 36

application areas
Moon & Planets: yes
Fog & galaxies: yes
Nature observation: yes
Astrophotography: yes
Sun: not recommended (only with a suitable solar filter)

Recommended for
Beginners: yes
Advanced: yes
Experienced amateurs: yes
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