The discoverer set: Explorer 200PDS + EQ6-R GoTo + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + var. lunar filter

The discoverer set: Explorer 200PDS + EQ6-R GoTo + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + var. lunar filter
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Test und Justage Teleskop Skywatcher Dobson SkyLiner-150P SKD6 150mm/1200mm f/8 Newton mit Okularen



Explorer 200PDS + EQ6-R GoTo + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + variable lunar filter


- The set for knowledgeable explorers -

The set is the right one if you like to discover something new and would like to become familiar with unknown fields of knowledge. At the same time, you want to track down a lot in the sky and really get started in the hobby of astronomy. Incl. successful astrophotography e.g. with an existing DSLR camera. For this, the lens can be removed and connected via a bayonet adapter directly to the telescope.

The telescope of this set is a 8'' Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS 200/1000.
The parabolic main mirror of the telescope in conjunction with the relatively small secondary mirror ensures a very good field of vision & focus for sharpness and high contrast.
Therefore, not only a bright image of deep sky objects is a pleasure. Also Moon and Planets offer a wealth of detail (fine craters and grooves on the moon, cloud bands on Jupiter or the rings of Saturn, for example) that will delight you in every area of astronomical observations.
The longer focal length is advantageous because you do not always need an additional Barlow lens for higher magnifications. This is used at very high magnifications, if the visibility conditions (low air movement, good transparency of the sky ...) allow it.
Deep Sky objects are good to watch, like the galaxies (M81, M82) in the Big Dipper, the Leo triplet (M66) or the globular cluster M13, not to mention the Orion Nebula.

The Newton has a precise 2 '' Crayford extract, including a reduction to 1.25 ''. This Crayford extract is superior to the conventional tooth and drive of cheaper telescopes, it is more durable and allows a much more accurate adjustment of sharpness. Since the drawer is ball-bearing, heavy and accurate adjustments are guaranteed for heavy accessories. The adaptation of a camera is not a problem.

The GoTo mount has everything you need: A stable mount with good tracking and carrying capacity for larger equipment and thus enough reserves for sophisticated astrophotography. The EQ6 carries devices up to a weight of 20 kg.

Included are:

  • Telescope for Moon & Planets & Deep Sky Observation
  • Sturdy GoTo mount for relaxed watching and Astrophotography
  • GoTo mount N-EQ6-R
  • All-in-One eyepiece that provides both overview and detail
  • Delux Barlow lens, 2x magnification and a camera winch
  • Variable moon filter, for eye protection & adjustable contrast

+ Sturdy & durable mount with tripod
+ Light-collecting telescope with micro-support
+ No further accessories needed for the first observations
+ Is adjusted by us for optimal observation results from the beginning
+ Deep-Sky objects already show many details
+ Attractive price for a comfortable and versatile telescope set

More details:

Telescope 200/1000:
The Newton telescope is the 8 '' Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS, with a 200mm aperture and a 1000mm focal length.
More details can be found here: Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS

GoTo mount N-EQ6-R:
The EQ6-R is a massive GoTo mount for amateur astronomical use with heavy devices containing over 13,000 objects in its GoTo database.
More details can be found here: Parallactic GoTo Mount NEQ6-R SkyScan

Zoom Eyepiece 8 - 24mm:
No annoying eyepiece change necessary, because the Seben Zoom eyepiece unites several different eyepiece sizes to one. By fine rotation on the eyepiece you can view the object in the viewfinder (24mm) and can then zoom easily (up to 8mm).
More details can be found at: Seben Zoom Okular 8-24mm

Deluxe Barlow lens 2x:
With the achromatic Barlow lens, you can look at planets closer. This Barlow allows a 2x magnification and its T2 thread the connection of a SLR camera.
More details can be found here: Deluxe Barlow lens 2 x achromatic

Variable Moon Filter:
It is often underestimated how bright the moon is in a telescope. The polarized lunar filter not only protects your eyes, it also provides clear contrasts and detailed viewing of objects. The highlight, the brightness can be adjusted.
More details can be found here: Variable Moon Filter

Benefit from our experience as a telescope specialist:

  • For over 30 years we have been passionate about astronomy
  • Every day we check, optimize & adjust telescopes, mounts & accessories, before handing over to the customer
  • In this way we know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products
  • We sell & recommend only products we use ourselves of which we are convinced
  • For a comprehensive, brand-independent consultation we take a lot of time for you
  • As the first astronomy specialist, we offer our customers real-time video consulting,
  • For to see is to understand
  • Even after the purchase we are there for you & are still at the side for setup and operation
  • In case of questions or new entry, we offer instruction &
  • In special cases also on-site service in the Munich area

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