Individual counseling, rather than blind purchase!

Individual counseling, rather than blind purchase!


The hobby of astronomy is diverse and varied, giving of fun for beginners as well as "old hands" alike.

For each astronomical interest, whether planetary, solar or deep sky observation or photography, there are similar types of telescopes and available accessories, all price and quality levels.
It might happen that one can lose track and overview!

Often, product descriptions and advertising texts do not help to resolve specific issues and details. And many advertising generates misconceptions and assumptions.
And so customers are disappointed because the product did not meet his expectations for a "blind" shop purchase.

That's why we see again and again how important the individual advising to clients is to compose the right equipment to generate a long continuing fun and interest in the hobby.
That's why we take time for a detailed consultation, whether you're looking for an entry-level telescope or a telescope observatories.

For us it is important to inspire a star friend than to have disappointed customers fast.