Duration Preparations Set from the flora and fauna 20 pieces in wooden box

Duration Preparations Set from the flora and fauna 20 pieces in wooden box
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Products description

This 20-part permanent preparation set offers all the prerequisites to enable you to get an optimal start into the world of microscopy:

The set contains not only 20 different preparations of humans, animals and plant life, but also offers the possibility to work with total specimens, cross-sections and longitudinal sections. In addition, it is possible to store five more of your own preparations in the sturdy wooden case. In addition, the Omegon Preparedness Set - like all Omegon products - is characterized by a small price.

Table of Contents:

1) corn root tip L.S.
2) Corn plant C.S.
3) Pumpkin strain C.S.
4) linden wood C.S
5) Field bean W.M.
6) Winter jasmine leaf C.S
7) Pine Needle C.S.
8) Hydrilla stalk L.S.
9) Allium Sede Euglena W.M.
10) Stellato-pilosus W.M.
11) rotifers W.M.
12) Water flea W.M.
13) Honeybee, headboard W.M.
14) Bee, rear leg W.M.
15) Mosquito headboard W.M.
16) butterfly, wing W.M
17) Parameckie W.M
18) Ant W.M.
19) Fly, headboard W.M.
20) Fish Scale W.M.

W. M. = Total preparation
C. S. = Cross section
L. S. = Longitudinal section
Sec = sinus endothelial cells


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Duration Preparations Set from the flora and fauna 20 pieces in wooden box

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