Our Exhibition

Our Shop near by Munich combines serveral advantages for us and our customers.

  • A look through binoculars or tubes into the great outdoors allows a first test and insight
  • In the shop you can get an impression of size, operation and quality of the telescops
  • In the our workshop area, the instruments are directly tested, adjusted or repaired by us
  • At night we have the free, low light-polluted sky right outside the door
Teleskop für Deep Sky & Planenten am Rande MünchenFerngläser zum Probieren am Rande Münchens
Telescope to watchBinoculares to try out
Beratung und Kauf von Teleskopen für Planeten, Mond, Galaxien und mehr
Part of our exhibition

Spezialisten für Teleskope, Ferngläser in Beratung und VerkaufOften it is not easy to develop an idea by pictures of how big, heavy or handy a device is.

That's why our exhibition features a sophisticated selection of different types of telescopes and binoculars as well as accessories.

Whether beginner or advanced hobby astronomer ... we advise you in detail and individually.

We look forward to your visit to our telescope shop near Munich
Fernrohre in München
Am Stern Teleskope testen ist auch in der Werkstatt möglich
Look into our workshop
Okulare für Teleskope
Optical utensils for div. TestsRepair area
Reaparatur von Teleskopen nehmen wir auch vorYou are welcome to bring your own telescope to us. We test it on our optical workbench with an artificial star. In case of problems, the telescope is often only misadjusted and can be set correctly again with little effort. So your "old" is almost "new" again.

Over the years we have also gained some experience in the field of repairing telescopes; be it resinified focusers, shaky secondary mirrors or stubborn mounts.
View on our Workbench