HR8 HR planetary eyepiece - 8mm focal length - 1.25 "- 58 ° WW field Planetary ppp

HR8 HR planetary eyepiece - 8mm focal length - 1.25 - 58 ° WW field Planetary ppp
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Products description

HR planetary eyepieces - focal length 8mm - high end eyepiece - calculated by TMB


HR8 HR Planetary Eyepiece - 8mm focal length - 1.25 "- 58 ° WW field

HR Planetary eyepieces are among the most versatile eyepieces on the market. Nevertheless, you do not compromise on the individual observation areas. They are well suited for planetary observation, lunar observation, deep sky observation and even photography.

Moon and planet observation ...

  • a high contrast and a very good sharpness on the axis make the HR Planetarys real specialists in this field. In addition, the pleasant insight brings a relaxed observation and promotes the detection of the finest details.

Fog and galaxy observations ...

  • compact deep sky objects are often hard to spot because they are faint. The HR Planetarys are fully multi-coated and thus provide a very bright picture, ideal for hunting for even weaker celestial objects.


HR Planetary ... A particularly pleasant insight

HR Planetarys offer a particularly high sharpness on the axis and a good contrast, as expected from good planetary oculars. In contrast to most planetary oculars, the HR also provide a very pleasant insight and a wider field of vision.

Every HR Planetary has an eye relief of 16mm and the diameter of the eye lens is nearly 20mm!

You can even adjust the distance to prevent the eye from being at the wrong distance from the eyepiece. For example, you avoid side light / stray light and loss of contrast if the distance is too far. These features are usually found only on much more expensive eyepieces. Every HR Planetary is also suitable for people who wear glasses.

The eyepieces offer:

Observational comfort
The Planetary HR eyepieces not only provide excellent image sharpness (see below). They are characterized in particular by their excellent insight behavior. The eye relief is significantly longer than e.g. for orthoscopic eyepieces of the same focal length. Thus, the eyepieces are also perfect for wearers of glasses.

The variable rubber eyecup can be adjusted by turning. This allows each observer to precisely set the ideal viewing position for him.

Excellent image sharpness
The sharpness on the axis is perfect, as in a very good Ortho. In contrast to these, the image clarity remains over the whole, much larger field of view at a very high level. A loss of sharpness is noticed even in telescopes with a "fast" opening ratio very late, if at all.

For that reason, many observers even consider the Planetary HR eyepieces superior!

No Kidney Bean Effect
Cheap eyepieces often have a pronounced kidney bean effect. If you wiggle your head a bit, the screen shades very quickly. This leads to a restless observation.

A cleverly calculated lens design (calculated by TMB) almost completely eliminates this effect in Planetary HR eyepieces.

Bino - suitable
The Planetary HR eyepieces are excellently suited for binocular observation. Especially the long eye relief and the adjustable rubber eyecup are decisive.

With both eyes you can just "tickle out" details in the planetary observation, which would otherwise not be visible!

The Planetary HR eyepieces offer, as many tests have shown, a very high standard. Comparative observations on similar eyepieces give at least equal quality. The HR eyepieces come directly from the manufacturer as A product without quality losses to TS.

The HR Planetary are the latest development, simple Clone look similar, but do not quite offer the contrast performance of HR Planetarys.


Technical data:

Lens design
The lens design of the Planetary HR eyepieces was calculated by T. Back, a designer of high quality Apochromats! A large eye relief and a large, perfectly corrected visual field - these are the hallmarks of the eyepieces. Especially important: The focus remains on the entire field of vision at the highest level!

A broadband multi-coating on all glass-air surfaces ensures excellent transmission and contrast. Ghosting and internal reflections are effectively suppressed.

Telescopic connection
The Planetary HR have 1.25" telescopic connection with locking groove.Each eyepiece has the standardized thread for 1.25" filters.

Field of view
The Planetary HR have an apparent field of view of 60 ° which is very pleasant to see. This makes the overview larger and, for devices without tracking, you can keep the object in the field of vision longer.

Eye distance
The eye relief of the HR Planetary eyepieces is 16mm. The distance is also adjustable by turning the front sleeve. This allows you to optimally adjust the insight to your conditions.


  • Every HR Planetary comes in a robust outer carton.
  • cover for the eye lens and a cover of the telescope-side plug-in sleeve against ingress of dust
HR8 HR planetary eyepiece - 8mm focal length - 1.25 - 58 ° WW field Planetary ppp
HR8 HR planetary eyepiece - 8mm focal length - 1.25 - 58 ° WW field Planetary ppp

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