TS-Optics 50mm Angle Finder with 90 Amiciprisma - 1.25" helical extract

TS-Optics 50mm Angle Finder with 90 Amiciprisma - 1.25 helical extract
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Products description

TS-Optics 50mm angle finder with 90 amiciprisma - 1.25" helical extract

TS-Optics viewfinder telescope and 50mm telescope with comfortable helical focus adjustment.
  • Powerful achromatic lens with 50mm aperture and 208mm focal length
  • 90 angle view with upright and right-sided image
  • 1.25" terminal with ring clamp and helical focus - many eyepieces can be used
  • 360 swiveling possibility of the amiciprismas for optimal insight
  • Adjustable pipe clamps with knurled screws for precise alignment with the main pipe
  • Viewfinder mount suitable for viewfinder shoes from Vixen, GSO, Sky-Watcher, Celstron, etc.


TS Optics 50mm angle finder with upright and right-sided image
The TSFRE50 is more than just a viewfinder. The good 2-element lens with 50mm diameter already shows many hundreds of deep-sky objects in combination with the illuminated crosshair eyepiece TSIR20. But also as a guide tube with special autoguiders the viewfinder can be used.

The advantages and product features of the TSFRE50:

  • High-quality metal processing for the best possible stability
  • Good 2-element lens with multi-coating
  • Focusing by turning the 1.25" helical excerpt on the eyepiece side
  • Solid clamping by ring clamping
  • Upright and right-sided image through the 90 amiciprisma
  • The viewing position can be rotated in the desired direction
  • The adjustable clamps have metal screws with a plastic tip to prevent scratches on the telescope
  • The viewfinder fits in standard viewfinder brackets as used by Sky-Watcher, Celestron, GSO ...


Suitable eyepieces and autoguiders for the TSFRE50:

The focus of the viewfinder is about 5 mm above the 1.25" socket of the focuser, which is sufficient for many eyepieces, such as Plossel eyepieces A very nice eyepiece for centering is the illuminated crosshair eyepiece TSIR20 (see accessories).

Also for autoguiding the viewfinder is suitable, however the autoguider must have a 1.25"-housing, otherwise you will not come in the focus. Suitable autoguiders are among other things:

  • TSGPM120M - mono planet camera and autoguider
  • Astrolumina ALCCD5-II
  • SBIG STi
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar


Technical specifications:

  • Opening: 50mm
  • Lens focal length: 208mm
  • Weight with bracket: 690g
  • Eyepiece-side connection: 1.25" with ring clamp
  • Focus position: 5mm above the 1.25" socket
TS-Optics 50mm Angle Finder with 90 Amiciprisma - 1.25 helical extract

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