Skywatcher Skymax-127 OTA 127mm 1500mm Maksutov Telescope

Skywatcher Skymax-127 OTA 127mm 1500mm Maksutov Telescope
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Test und Justage Skywatcher Skymax-127 OTA 127/1500mm Maksutov Teleskop

This telescope is checked, measured and adjusted if necessary before delivery. The focuser will be optimized. Upon request, you will receive a meaningful quality certificate from your telescope (test report with star test, Ronchi, adjustment, with individual serial number) included! Please specify with order!

Examples of our test protocols: test recordings
How we adjust: About us

Please contact for advice on this telescope. So you can benefit from our experience before buying.

Skywatcher Skymax-127 OTA 127mm 1500mm Maksutov Telescope

Please also take pleasure in our purchase advice! Your wishes are important to us!

The Skywatcher BlackDiamond Maksutov with 127mm opening, a portable and powerful telescope. The 127mm opening collects 60 ° more light than a telescope with 100mm opening. It remains due to its length of only 33cm transportable. This system nevertheless offers a large focal length of 1500mm.

BKM127OTA Skywatcher Skymax 127 OTA 127 / 1500mm Maksutov


Astronomical observations: The Maksutov has a sharp and diffraction-limited
Optics. The light gathering power provides enough to light faint fog,
Show star clusters and galaxies. The focus is on the given focal length and the resulting possible magnification but at moon, planets and with a corresponding filter (never without a filter in the sun look!) Our central star with the sunspots.

A Maksutov is just perfect for the moon and planets. If you live in a polluted area and you do not have the opportunity to move to darker areas, you should definitely include this system in your considerations. If you can not see enough deep sky objects anyway, a telescope for the moon and planets (sun ONLY with a suitable filter) is considered. Even in light polluted areas, these objects will always be a worthwhile destination due to their brightness. Although bright deep sky objects are possible, the main focus will be on the moon and planets.

Enjoy beautiful lunar and detailed planet observations (like the rings of Saturn, moon shadow games on Jupiter or its big red spot) and also interesting deep-sky excursions to brighter objects, such as the Orion Nebula, the open binary star cluster (h and chi) in the Perseus or even the galaxy groups M81, not to mention the star cluster in the Hercules M 13!

Together with the bright and high-contrast image, here are beautiful details. Of course, the field of view is slightly smaller than short-range devices, but I do not need it on the moon and planets. Since the longer focal length is advantageous because you do not need additional Barlow lens for higher magnifications. This is used at very high magnifications, if the visibility conditions (low air movement, good transparency of the sky ...) allow it. (Bear in mind that every movement of air is magnified.) Since the moon reflects enough light, it will be used primarily to observe the craters and surface structures of our satellite.

Spotting scope for nature observations: The Maksutov can also be used during the day. Here he also shows his sharp and contrasting image.
A bright picture at a higher magnification makes nature lovers and animal watchers especially at their expense. You will be enthusiastic!

Photography: This telescope has an integrated T2 port, the adaptation of cameras is possible.
You have a powerful extreme telephoto lens with 1500mm focal length with a f-number of F / 12,1. With the GoTo mount, you can track the target object and, with the moon and planets, and possibly the sun with a suitable filter (it is important to note this!), You can record videos that can be processed to the best pictures using the editing programs. Here you can also ask us, we are happy to advise you!

Technical data of the optics:

- Opening: 127mm
- Focal length: 1500mm
- opening ratio: f / 12,1
- Border size: 13m2
- Resolution: 0.95 "
- Length of the tube: 33 cm
- Diameter of the tube: 14cm
- Weight of the tube: 3,4kg
- Easy focus through internal focus
- Connection for photo tripods
- Prism rail for mounts
- T2 thread on the eyepiece holder

Scope of delivery of the Skywatcher Maksutov BKM127OTA:

- Maksutov 127mm - tube with optics
- Red dot finder (Starpointer)
- Practical universal attachment plate with photo tripod connection and mount
- 1.25 "zenith mirror
- Eyepieces 1.25 "- 25mm and 10mm focal length

About the telescope Skywatcher Skymax-127 OTA 127mm 1500mm Maksutov

Experiences, opinions, tests and reviews of other astronomy enthusiasts from the Internet

Only very good reviews get this ?? compact telescope of buyers. Top workmanship, top value for money!

Especially star friends, who place their priorities on quality, transportability and photo ability, opt for the Skywatcher Skymax-127 Maksutov.

In practice Maksutov convinces the amateur astronomer ?? then already in the basic equipment in terms of things, faster construction, ease of use and finally with detailed planetary observations (the images are very sharp, rich in contrast and no chromatic aberration!).

Our long-term experience and assessment: clear purchase recommendation ?? on our side! Beginner, as well as astronomy advanced ?? will not regret the purchase and experience many exciting "great moments" with the Maksutov Skymax-127.

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