Meade LX200-ACF 8 "f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics

Meade LX200-ACF 8 f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics
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Test und Justage Meade ACF-SC 203/2000 LightSwitch GoTo

This telescope is checked, measured and adjusted if necessary before delivery. The focuser will be optimized.

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Meade LX200-ACF 8 "f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics

Meade LX200-ACF 8 "f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafree optics

... a great telescope for observation and astrophotography

LX200 telescopes with the newly developed ACF optics enable high-end astrophotographic applications. The Advanced Coma-Free ACF optics provide a field correction similar to that of an RC telescope AND the benefits of a classic SC telescope. The result is a professional telescope, which is suitable for all amateur astronomers.

Advanced coma-free optics - for astrophotography and observation:

The Meade ACF optics have a big advantage over conventional optics: they have no coma. Coma is an aberration in which the starlight is distributed outside the center of the image and pulled apart into a comet-like tail. The stars become blurred towards the edge.

Meade's Advanced Coma-Free ACF Telescopes have eliminated this coma. In addition, the ACF telescopes still offer a flat field of view. The difference is visible in the truest sense of the word. The stars at the edge of the eyepiece are finer and sharper. Astrophotographers can use their camera without corrector systems directly and will have beautiful round stars to the edge of the field of view.

Further innovations of the LX200 ACF GoTo telescopes:

Sony GPS receiver and Level North technology (LNT)
Automatic acquisition of accurate time, date and location for fast and accurate alignment.

AutoStar II computer control
With the AutoStar II you can drive over 145,000 objects of the night sky. Observe planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and comets - just by pressing a button! You do not know the night sky so well yet? Then let the preprogrammed "Tonight's best" tour lead you to the most rewarding items! Astronomy has never been so easy and convenient.

The LX200GPS have a ST4 level autoguider connection, suitable for M-Gen and Lodestar.

Ultra High Transmission Coatings
Meade UHTC is a collection of coatings specifically designed for the performance of the LX200ACF in the visual, photographic and CCD fields. The image brightness is almost 20% higher than standard compensation. Objects like stars, galaxies and nebula appear much brighter. Even observations of the moon or the planets benefit from the improved transmission throughout the spectrum of light.


LX200ACF with UHTC coating and primary mirror fixation; heavy LX200 mount with a 102mm cone bearing; 146mm LX worm gear in both axes; Multifunction port with two RS-232 interfaces; manual and electr. Control function in both axes; AutoStar-II hand box with 3.5MB memory (flash memory) and digital display; 9 speeds and programmable Smart Drive in both axes; GoTo function with over 144,000 selectable objects; Internal 12V battery compartment for 8 "C" size batteries (batteries not included); 8x50mm finderscope; 1.25 "eyepiece holder, 1.25" zenith prism; Super Plössl Series 4000 eyepiece f = 26mm; stable ground stand; AutoStar Suite Software; German Manual.

Meade ACF UTHC Transmission
transmission spectrum

Technical data and equipment:

Optical design: Advanced Coma Free
Diameter primary mirror: 209.6mm
Diameter front lens (free opening): 203mm
Suction level Ø / obstruction%: 76mm / 37.4%
Focal length, aperture ratio: 2000mm, f / 10
Resolution in seconds of arc: 0.56 "
Optics remuneration: UHTC
Main mirror fixation: Yes
Visual stellar limit size (approx.): 14.0mag
Image scale (degrees / cm): 0.29 ° / cm
Image field in small picture format 24x36mm: 0.68 ° x 0.97 °
Recommended maximum magnification: 600x
Lowest focusable object distance (approx.): 7.6m
Optical tube, dimensions (Ø x L): 23cm x 42.5cm
Eyepiece (s) included: 26mm Super Plössl Series 4000
Eyepiece: Plug diameter 1.25 "by Zenit prism
Finderscope: 8x50mm
Subcircuits Ø: AZ 22,2cm; EL 12,7cm
Power supply: 12V; Batteries or power supply
Batteries (not included): 8x baby batteries
Battery life (approx.): 20 hours
Drive system in RA / AZ: 12V = servo motor, microprocessor controlled, 146mm LX worm gear with Smart Drive
Drive system in DEC / EL: 12V = servo motor, microprocessor controlled, 146mm LX worm gear with Smart Drive
Fine movements: manual and electric, 185 speeds in both axes
Autostar handheld computer: Type AS-II
Autostar Objects Database: 147,541 objects
Automatic alignment (GPS): 16-channel GPS receiver, electron. True-Level and True-North sensors with compensation for magnetic misalignment
GoTo positioning accuracy (approx.): 2 arc minutes
Positioning accuracy, high-precision mode: 1 minute of arc
Drive speeds: 0.01x to 1.0x sidereal, selectable in 0.01x increments; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x and 128x sidereal speed; 1 ° / sec to 8 ° / sec, selectable in 0.1 ° increments
Tracking speeds: sidereal speed, lunar speed, or custom selection of 2000 variable levels
Bearings in azimuth / RA: 1x 102mm and 1x 57mm ball bearings
Bearing in elevation / DEC: 3x 47mm ball bearings
Tubular body: aluminum
Mount: double fork mount "Heavy Duty"
Primary Mirror: Pyrex® Glass Grade A
Mirrors: Pyrex® Glass Grade A
Front lens or correction plate: Pure, clearest float glass
Tripod: aluminum, chromed steel
Telescope dimensions with swiveled tube: 24cm x 43cm x 63cm
Transport box telescope, dimensions: 79cm x 56cm x 36cm
Net weight (including tripod): 33.1kg
Heaviest item: 23 kg
Shipping weight (including tripod): 42.6kg
Field Tripod Height: 76cm - 112cm, variable ***
*** The optionally available pile height cradle gives an additional height of 23cm to the listed stand height.
Meade LX200-ACF 8 f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics
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