Meade LX90-ACF 8 "f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics

Meade LX90-ACF 8 f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics
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Überprüfen Justage optimieren SC Schmidt Cassegrain

This telescope is checked, measured and adjusted if necessary before delivery. The focuser is set. Upon request, you will receive a meaningful quality certificate from your telescope (test report with star test, Ronchi, adjustment, with individual serial number) included! Please specify with order!

Examples of our test protocols: test recordings
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Meade LX90-ACF 8 "f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics

Meade LX90-ACF 8 "f / 10 - GoTo telescope with coma-free optics and flat field of view

... a great telescope for observation and astrophotography

LX90 telescopes with the newly developed ACF optics enable high-end astrophotographic applications. The Advanced Coma-Free ACF optics provide a field correction similar to that of an RC telescope AND the benefits of a classic SC telescope. The result is a professional telescope, which is suitable for all amateur astronomers.

Advanced coma-free optics - for astrophotography and observation:

The Meade ACF optics have a big advantage over conventional optics: they have no coma. Coma is an aberration in which the starlight is distributed outside the center of the image and pulled apart into a comet-like tail. The stars become blurred towards the edge.

Meade's Advanced Coma-Free ACF Telescopes have eliminated this coma. In addition, the ACF telescopes still offer a flat field of view. The difference is visible in the truest sense of the word. The stars at the edge of the eyepiece are finer and sharper. Astrophotographers can use their camera without corrector systems directly and will have beautiful round stars to the edge of the field of view.

Further advantages and features of the Meade LX90 ACF telescopes:

Meade's AudioStar® controls the entire telescope and finds over 30,000 objects automatically. Observe planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and comets - just by pressing a button! You do not know the night sky so well yet? Then let the preprogrammed "Tonight's best" tour lead you to the most rewarding items! Astronomy has never been so easy and convenient. Once set, the computer will automatically track the object. It stays in the field of view, even at high magnification.

Astrophotographers can use the optional LX90 Wedge (pole height cradle) to achieve a parallax setup. The built-in computer also offers all functions in parallactic mode.

Sony GPS receiver
Automatic acquisition of accurate time, date and location for fast and accurate alignment.

Solid LX90 double fork mount for good stability and accuracy:
All LX90 telescopes are equipped with a solid yet very portable fork mount. Two fork arms offer better stability than most single-arm fork mountings. In addition to precise tracking and correction for astrophotography, positioning speeds of between 1 ° and 7 ° per second are also offered.

Astrophotographs that like to work with autoguiding (M-Gen, Lodestar ...) still need the optional adapter to ST-4 (see accessory recommendations). Thus, all standard autoguiders can be connected.

Meade UHTC Remuneration:
The improved coating provides a brighter picture and more contrast.

Meade ACF transmission


- LX90 ACF Telescope with fork mount
- GoTo control with tracking and automatic object positioning
- Height adjustable field tripod
- Series 4000 26mm 5-element wide-angle eyepiece
- AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition software for PC
- 8x50 viewfinder with quick coupling
- Shipping in 2 boxes

Technical specifications:

Optics: Advanced Coma Free - coma-free optics and even field of vision
Diameter of the main mirror: 209.6mm - allows better illumination for photography in the field
Free opening: 203mm 8 "
Shading by the secondary mirror: 76mm / 37.4%
Focal length: 2000mm, f / 10
Resolution: 0.56 "
Remuneration: UHTC
Primary Mirror Lock: no
Limit size visual: 14 mag
Maximum useful magnification: 600x
Focus range: 7.6 meters to infinity
Tube dimensions (Ř x length): 23cm x 42.5cm
Okulaseitiger connection: Ř 1.25 "with zenith mirror - SC thread
Viewfinder: 8x50mm
Subcircuits Ř: AZ 22,2cm; EL 12,7cm
Power supply: 12V; Batteries or AC adapters
Meade LX90-ACF 8 f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics
Meade LX90-ACF 8 f / 10 - GoTo Telescope with Komafreier optics
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