The transportable entry: Heritage-130P + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + lunar filter

The transportable entry: Heritage-130P + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + lunar filter
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Test und Justage Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube Dobson SKFXD5 130/650mm

This telescope is controlled by us before delivery and in any case pre-adjusted.
The accessories offered here can also be combined with other telescopes.

Heritage-130P + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + lunar filter


- The transportable starter set -

A push tube on a lightweight Rocker box provide compactness and good light gathering power for planetary and deep-sky observations in one combined. A handy telescope for on the way and for entry.

On the one hand, its 130mm aperture and 650mm focal length allow for beautiful moon and planet observations (such as cloud bands at Jupiter and the ring division (Saturn)),Skywatcher Heritage-130P FlexTube 130/650 Newton  Dobson Teleskop mit Zubehör and deep-sky observations such as clusters, galaxies, twin stars and nebulae already detailed. Skywatcher Heritage-130P FlexTube 130/650 Newton Dobson Telescope with accessories

On the other hand, it is a lightweight and transportable telescope due to its sliding tube. Through the merging you can also come with a binocular approach (an accessory with which one can observe with both eyes - also called Bino) in the focus. The telescope is 37cm long and can be used as a hand luggage on air travel or in a backpack on hikes. The rocker box is simply disassembled, the tube is clamped off the prism rail.

Telescope and rocker box can also be combined with other mountings or telescopes. (E.g., a short refractor on the rocker box, a telescope with GP clamp on a tripod mount).
In addition, the Dobson design makes it easy and intuitive to use. The construction is uncomplicated and can be accomplished in a few minutes.

All of this makes it a valuable beginner & advanced telescope, as well as a popular travel companion (for example, in the mountains or in unclear weather forecasts).
The cooling of the mirror (adaptation of the expansion to the ambient temperature) is quick. The focus (focusing) is performed by turning the helical extension. The eyepiece pull has some play in the thread, but still works flawlessly.

Product advantages:
+ Ideal for beginners, advanced and as travel companions
+ Suitable for detailed moon and planet observation and for more powerful deep-sky objects
+ Good optics through the parabolic main mirror
+ Easy and intuitive in design and operation thanks to the Dobson design
+ Collapsed tube only 37 cm long
+ LED illuminated spotlight facilitates the observation of sky objects
+ The Rockerbox is low-vibration and stable
+ Good value for moneyEinsteiger-Teleskop
MondfilterSeben Zoom Okular 8 - 24mmED Barlow-Linse 3fach


- In the case of lunar observation, we recommend a lunar filter to protect the eyes and eyes
  For better contrast.
- For planetary observation, we recommend a barlow lens for more detail.
- Not adjustable in height, since no tripod construction.
  The telescope must be placed on the table or a support.
- The primer rail may have a stain during use and after shipment.
  This is due to the design and does not impose any restrictions on function or image.

Included are:

  • Telescope for moon & planet observation and bright galaxies
  • All-in-One eyepiece that provides both overview and detail
  • Barlow lens that increases 3 times
  • Moon filter, to protect the eyes & high contrast

Simple construction: unpacking - erecting - tightening - finished
Very portable.
No further accessories needed for the first observations
Pre-adjusted by us for optimal observation results from the beginning
For easy retrieval of heavenly objects, it contains a light point searcher
Small price for a good beginner telescopeMondfilterSubben Zoom Eyepiece 8 - 24mmED Barlow lens 3x

More details:
Telescope 130/650:
The Newton telescope is the Dobson Skywatcher Heritage-130P, with 130mm aperture and 650mm focal length. It brings its tripod, in this case a tripod foot, already with.
More details can be found here: Skywatcher Heritage-130P

Zoom Eyepiece 8 - 24mm:
No annoying eyepiece change necessary, because the Seben Zoom eyepiece unites several different eyepiece sizes to one. By fine rotation on the eyepiece you can view the object in the viewfinder (24mm) and can then zoom easily (up to 8mm).
More details can be found at: Seben Zoom Okular 8-24mm

Barlow lens 3x:
With the ED Barlow lens, you can view planets closer. The Barlow allows a 3x magnification.
More details can be found here: ED Barlow lens 3x

Moon filter:
It is often underestimated how bright the moon is in a telescope. The lunar filter not only protects your eyes, it also ensures more contrasts and allows a detailed moon observation.
More details can be found here: Mondfilter

All Newton telescopes should be adjusted before the first use and then regularly,
To obtain a sharp image. We therefore adjust all our Newton before they leave our house.

Benefit from our experience as a telescope specialist:

  • For over 30 years we have been passionate about astronomy
  • Every day we check, optimize & adjust telescopes, mounts & accessories, before handing over to the customer
  • In this way we know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products
  • We sell & recommend only products we use ourselves of which we are convinced
  • For a comprehensive, brand-independent consultation we take a lot of time for you
  • As the first astronomy specialist, we offer our customers real-time video consulting,
  • For to see is to understand
  • Even after the purchase we are there for you & are still at the side for setup and operation
  • In case of questions or new entry, we offer instruction &
  • In special cases also on-site service in the Munich area
The transportable entry: Heritage-130P + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + lunar filter
The transportable entry: Heritage-130P + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + lunar filter
The transportable entry: Heritage-130P + zoom eyepiece + Barlow + lunar filter

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