The perfect telescop for you

What is the perfect telescope for me?
ED apochromatic refractor or reflector or at Newton or...?

When observing with telescopes many parameters for an exciting and good Beoabchtung play a role. And often it is not the size of a telescope, which ensures success and fun, but the right telescope for the preferred application: planet or moon, or maybe galaxies and star clusters.

Just as you would not buy a tractor, just because you like PS, then a 14 '' Newton Telescope prepare little joy if you "only" lunar observations on the balcony or want to travel.

We ourselves rejoice in great astronomical observations reflecting telescopes from 8 ", for example, are inexpensive, and also know many amateur astronomers with your 300, - Dobson are very satisfied.

Before you set up a telescope, you should consider:

  • What would you like to watch (planet or deep-sky)?
  • Visually or photography?
  • How much you want to spend?


And then the best way is, to contact us for a consultancy.