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About us

We offer Telescopes and accessories as well best service quality -
for which we g
uarantee with our name: Telescope Specialists

We are a team of enthusiastic people with passion for telescopes, astronomy and physics.
This is more than a job: Every customer and telescope is different
Our products ordered by the customer are individually assessed and optimized. Also our consultancy...

We ourself are skywatches and knowing how impoartant sensitive and high quality techniques telescopes, lenses and accessories are, thats why we exclusively work manual and by hand only.
This ensures us the requisite care and best possible quality. Only in this way can we ensure the required quality for which we guarantee with our name. 


Since 1978 we acquired our high know-how which is the foundation for this demanding work.
After receipt of the goods by the manufacturer, the products are checked by us for possible errors and damages, so that these kind of issues are not even shipped to the customer.
Subsequently, the telescopes are functionally tested, adjusted and set to the possible optimum. This is an iterative process with recurring steps.

Of course, we can only bring to the product's to there physical limits & quality (unfortunately not further).
In this context, we would like to mention that very often the long
transport route from the manufacturer is the reason for the needs of improvement to the dealer. Since there is no "general recipe" for the adjustment and optimization, each telescope must be treated individually.

We offer guaranteed, verifiable quality with a friendly, extensive and honest advice !

We are primarily amateur astronomers selling Astro-products, in which we believe. In this sense, each telescope and accessories will be unpacked by us, entrance controlled, measured, adjusted and optimized, permanently fixed and before shipment to the customer with an individual quality evidence provided (not some star test or Ronchi grating recording)!

Since 2006, we have developed a sensible and workable solution with optics experts and technical materials engineers, telescopes are not by design adjustable to (without adjustable lens cell), collimate. This developed solutions that are constantly being developed and optimized, we use successfully.
Each astronomical telescope must be adjusted by design.

You will receive for each lens (incl. Individual serial number) guaranteed visual quality over artificial star (intrafocal and extrafocally in different Fokalabstšnden), Ronchi grating (for centering and alignment of the optics).

We check over a 1/25 lambda plane mirror and a Ronchi grating with 254 lpi (10 lines / mm) at our optical measuring bench. About an interferometer or the free test protocol supplied by the manufacturer (measurement report), it can not detect a sub-optimal setting.

No telescope is out of adjustment or defective delivered.
Also eyepieces and diagonal mirrors are examined for broken shells and other errors.

The adjustment of telescopes is the heart of our work:
The adjustment is a telescope is just as important as the tuning of a musical instrument.
Only a well aligned telescops can provide best contrast, high resultion and fun.


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