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About us

We offer Telescopes and accessories as well best service quality -
for which we g
uarantee with our name: Telescope Specialists

We are a team of enthusiastic people with passion for telescopes, astronomy and physics.
This is more than a job: Every customer and telescope is different
Our products ordered by the customer are individually assessed and optimized. Also our consultancy...

We ourself are skywatches and knowing how impoartant sensitive and high quality techniques telescopes, lenses and accessories are, thats why we exclusively work manual and by hand only.
This ensures us the requisite care and best possible quality. Only in this way can we ensure the required quality for which we guarantee with our name. 


Since 1978 we acquired our high know-how which is the foundation for this demanding work.
After receipt of the goods by the manufacturer, the products are checked by us for possible errors and damages, so that these kind of issues are not even shipped to the customer.
Subsequently, the telescopes are functionally tested, adjusted and set to the possible optimum. This is an iterative process with recurring steps.

Of course, we can only bring to the product's to there physical limits & quality (unfortunately not further).
In this context, we would like to mention that very often the long
transport route from the manufacturer is the reason for the needs of improvement to the dealer. Since there is no "general recipe" for the adjustment and optimization, each telescope must be treated individually.

We offer guaranteed, verifiable quality with a friendly, extensive and honest advice !
We are primarily amateur astronomers selling Astro-products, in which we believe. In this sense, each telescope and accessories will be unpacked by us, entrance controlled, measured, adjusted and optimized, permanently fixed and before shipment to the customer with an individual quality evidence provided (not some star test or Ronchi grating recording)!

Since 2006, we have developed a sensible and workable solution with optics experts and technical materials engineers, telescopes are not by design adjustable to (without adjustable lens cell), collimate. This developed solutions that are constantly being developed and optimized, we use successfully.
Each astronomical telescope must be adjusted by design.

You will receive for each lens (incl. Individual serial number) guaranteed visual quality over artificial star (intrafocal and extrafocally in different Fokalabständen), Ronchi grating (for centering and alignment of the optics).

We check over a 1/25 lambda plane mirror and a Ronchi grating with 254 lpi (10 lines / mm) at our optical measuring bench. About an interferometer or the free test protocol supplied by the manufacturer (measurement report), it can not detect a sub-optimal setting.

No telescope is out of adjustment or defective delivered.
Also eyepieces and diagonal mirrors are examined for broken shells and other errors.

The adjustment of telescopes is the heart of our work:
The adjustment is a telescope is just as important as the tuning of a musical instrument.
Only a well aligned telescops can provide best contrast, high resultion and fun.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions to us:

Why do we check and adjust telescopes before they are handed over or sent?

Telescopes are precision engineering devices and all parts must be as closely matched as possible. But sometimes it happens that screws are loose or a focuser shakes or is some dust on the optical surfaces...and much more. All this is checked by us at each telescope, regardless of whether the telescope costs ¤ 50.00 or ¤ 5,000.00.

Optiermierung von Teleskop nach Kaufberatung
No telescope will be delivered defective misaligned to our customers.
Also, eyepieces and mirrors are examined for defects and other issues.


Will the adjustment of the telescope be preserved after being transported to me? Teleskop sicher verpackt

Telescopes are adjusted and packaged with high attention by us. With this in almost all telescopes (refractor, APO, lens telescopes in general, Schmidt Cassegrain, Maksutov Cassegrain, RC and the like) the adjustment is sustainable. Only with the Newton the adjustment will be lost a little bit.

In any way telescope shipped to our customers will be noticeably better adjusted than we receive them from our suppliers. On the (sometimes) long transport by ship or truck to us, the telescope is exposed.
The shorter transport route within Europe is less misleading.
We also adjust the optical surfaces to align secondary mirror and the primary mirror to each other. The center of the main mirror and the focuser are also set to the perfect geometry of the Newton.
Our customers will be able to observe without urgent adjustment with the Newton of us immediately.
Beside this owners of Newtontelescope should start to learn how to adjust a Newton.


Why are other ordered products individually checked and optimized in addition to the adjustment?

Werkstatt bei den Teleskop SpezialistenTelescopes, optics and accessories are consistently sensitive and high-quality products, which needed to be handled carefully. So all adjustments & optimizazions are done manualy and by ourself by hand, because only this guarantees the necessary care and expected results.
Our know-how, which we have acquired over several decades (since 1978), is the foundation of our high-quality work.
After receiving the goods from the manufacturer, the products are checked for any errors and damage, so that in the every case our customer do not get any defedcted products from us. Subsequently, the telescopes are functionally tested and adjusted to the optimum.
(In der Regel ist dies ein iteratives Verfahren mit wiederkehrenden Arbeitsschritten.)

Of course, the optimization can not overcome physical limits inherent in the product. In this context, we would like to mention that very often the long transport route from the manufacturer to the dealer is the cause of the need for optimization.
Due to the fact that there is no "general recipe" for adjustment and optimization, each telescope must be treated individually. The documentation of the results is documented as qulality-check, which are attached to the telescope as proof of quality. Only after the goods have gone through these steps will we send them on to our customer. Only then can we can ensure the required quality, for which we vouch with our name.


I am looking for a telescope for a child or beginner, what work well in this case?

Children often approach things in a much more more playful and unprejudiced way, Teleskope für Kinder & Einsteigerwhich makes hobby astronomy particularly interesting for them. They just try and discover the technique in this its own way.
That's why we also have small, simple and more robust telescopes, which makes it easy for kids to start with.

For beginners we designed specific telescope complete sets, which contains all components which are needed to start right away without any worries at the beginning, what fits together and what is need basically.
They are designed in a way that they can be easiely extended and enhanced.


Is the quality of you guaranteed or verifiable? Do all dealers advise ?!

We are first and foremost hobby astronomers selling Astro products in which we believe by ourselves. In this sense, each telescope and accessories are unpacked by us, initially controlled, measured, adjusted, optimized, permanently Qualitätsnachweis für Fernrohre und Teleskopefixed and provided before shipment to the customer on request with an individual proof of quality (not some star test or Ronchi grid recording)!
Since 2006 we have worked together with optical experts and technical material engineers to develop most meaningful and practical solutions, telescopes that are not adjustable by design (without adjustable lens cell) to be able to collimate. We use these developed solutions, which are constantly being developed and optimized, successfully.
Each astronomical telescope must be adjusted technically wise.
On request (including individual serial number), you get guaranteed quality over an artificial star (intrafocal and extrafocal at different focal distances), Ronchigitter (for centering and adjusting the optics.
For some telescopes we can not produce a quality certificate for technical reasons. Please ask us).
The star test is created with us at least nominal magnification. Only then are possible errors recognizable and the star test meaningful.

Often star tests are made in low magnification without a clear meaning. That's why we test on a 1/25 Lambda plane mirror and a 254 Lpi (10 lines / mm) Ronchigitter on our optical bench. An sub-optimal setting can not be detected via an interferometer or the test protocol supplied free of charge by the manufacturer (measurement protocol).


How can I reach you best?

  • Consultation by callback:  You can send us your telephone number (by email, sms, fax, short call) and we call you back
  • In person on site: during business hours, presentation of our products, also on measuring instruments and optical bench possible
  • Region Munich, there also with personal delivery on site, including briefing
  • Via video chat: If you cannot stop by
  • By email: of course
  • Even after the purchase: We are happy to be available for questions and advice after the purchase


InnoComp Karl Kloß Die Spezialisten für Teleskope, Fernrohre & Astronomie in München

Grubmuehl 20
82131 Stockdorf near Munich
How to find us, see here: Direction

Consultation & Service:
Mo-Fr.   10.00 - 20.00 o'clock
Sa.      12.00 - 16.00 o'clock
(and at night by clear sky)

Tel.:       +49 (0)89 / 680 50 200
Fax:       +49 (0)89 / 680 50 199
Hotline: +49 (0) 1
72 / 85 20 457

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