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Telescope Complete Sets

Complete - Useful - Expandable (Telescope + Mount + Accessories)

Very often, we receive the feedback from our customers that they are not sure about all the many products and combinations, in terms of what fits best, what is useful or what is required.
Especially at the beginning people do not know already, if they would like to observe planets or deep sky (galaxies, star clusters, fog) or rather sky constellations.

That's why we composed a couple of specific telescope
complete sets, based on our various experiences.
These sets contain everything that is required and meaningful in order to ensure a easy start into the hobby of astronomy and to facilitate the purchase.

All our sets based on the following rules:
  • Contains those products with the best price performance ratio, in their specific price range
  • Are expandable at any time
  • Easy to set up
  • Do not contain any unnecessary accessories
  • gives a great deal of pleasure from the beginning
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Show 1 to 6 (of in total 6 products)
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TLAPO804 TS Photoline 80mm f / 6-FPL-53 Triplet-ED-Apo 2.5 RPA
Ha llegado perfecto. Embalado superior y puesta punto del e