Telescope Skywatcher Explorer-130 130mm 900mm Newton on EQ2 mount with accessories

Telescope Skywatcher Explorer-130 130mm 900mm Newton on EQ2 mount with accessories
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Überprüfung Justage Newton Fangspiegel Hauptspiegel Okularauszug

The Skywatcher Explorer-130 is controlled and adjusted by us before delivery. The eyepiece output is stopped.

All Newton telescopes should be adjusted before the first use and then regularly to get a sharp image. We therefore adjust all our Newton before they leave our house.

How we adjust: About us

Please contact for advice on this telescope. So you can benefit from our experience before buying


Telescope Skywatcher Explorer-130 130mm 900mm Newton on EQ2 mount with accessories

This Skywatcher 130/900 Newton mirror telescope has been a tried and tested model for 300 years, named after its inventor and first user: Isaak Newton. It shows just beginners and young people a very original form of technical sky observation.
Newton telescopes are particularly popular because they have more light output in the same price class as their louvres, for example lens telescopes (refractors).

Telescope Skywatcher Explorer-130 130 / 900mm Newton on EQ2 mount with accessories

The telescope has a 130mm aperture with a focal length of 900mm (f6.9) and collects 344 times more light than the human eye and has 30% more light output than a Newton with 144mm aperture, for example. Its 260-fold, sensible, expansion capability offers beautiful lunar and detailed planet observations (like the rings of Saturn, moon shadow games on Jupiter or its big red spot) and also interesting deep-sky excursions to brighter objects such as the Orion Nebula, (H and chi) in the Perseus or even the galaxy groups M81.

The parallactic EQ2 mount of the telescope serves the Skywatcher Telescope Explorer on EQ2exact alignment on the polarisers. With the manual fine adjustment in the rectification and declination axis as well as with the LED illuminated spot detector, objects can be finely adjusted and tracked, with the correct pole height or geographical width.
The corresponding counter-weight is used to optimize the optics. The telescopic field stand with storage area completes the equipment, which is very light and compact and therefore fits almost every travel bag.
The construction can be done simply and quite quickly by beginners and children.

Product advantages:

+ Ideal for larger children (from about 12 years) and beginners
+ Suitable for contrasting moon and planet observation and
   Also brighter deep-sky objects
+ Size opening opposite refractors in the same price class for more light output
+ Fine adjustment and LED illuminated spotlights facilitate inutable on and off
   After-balancing (compensation of the earth rotation) of objects
+ Tripod height adjustable
+ Cheap in the purchase



- Not suitable for landscape observation.
  We recommend a refractor in this price category.
- Not suitable for astrophotography.
- In addition, we recommend a moon filter for the protection of the eyes and the moon
  For better contrast.
- Field stand required after touch / vibration 4-6 sec. Decay time for
  A "wiggle-free" observation


Newton telescope Skywatcher 130/900
Parallactic mount EQ2 with fine adjustment and counterweight
2 Eyepieces:
25 mm Overview eyepiece (36x magnification)
10 mm detail eyepiece (90x magnification)
Double barlow lens
LED Spotlight
Height-adjustable field stand
instruction manual

Technical data at a glance:

Construction: Mirror telescope / Newton
Color: Black
Lens diameter: 130 mm
Focal length: 900 mm
Resolution: 0.88 arcsec
Limiting size: 12.4 mag
Parallactic mounting EQ2 with manual fine adjustment in the
Receded ascending & declining axis (pole height & latitude)
Corresponding counterbalance for balancing the optics
Continuously extendable aluminum field stand (71cm to approx. 121cm)
Eyepieces: SUPER 10 mm, SUPER 25 mm
Barlow lens for 2x magnification
1.25 "eyepiece focuser
Light spot search
Catch and zenith mirrors
Centering mark for ease of adjustment
Magnification: 36x, 90x (or with Barlow lens: 72x, 180x)
Total weight, incl. Mounting: approx. 16kg

Benefit from our experience as a telescope specialist:
For over 30 years we have been passionate about astronomy
Every day we check, optimize & adjust telescopes, mounts & accessories, before handing over to the customer
In this way we know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products
We sell & recommend only products we use ourselves of which we are convinced
For a comprehensive, brand-independent consultation we take a lot of time for you
As the first astronomy specialist, we offer our customers real-time video consulting,
For to see is to understand
Even after the purchase we are there for you & are still at the side for setup and operation
In case of questions or new entry, we offer instruction &
In special cases also on-site service in the Munich area
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