Skywatcher Startravel-102 on EQ1 Mount Large Field Refractor 102mm 500mm f / 5 Telescope

Skywatcher Startravel-102 on EQ1 Mount Large Field Refractor 102mm 500mm f / 5 Telescope
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Test und Justage Skywatcher 102/500 EQ1 Startravel-102

Test and Adjustment Skywatcher 102/500 EQ1 Startravel-102
The Skywatcher Startravel-102 102 / 500mm is inspected, measured and adjusted if necessary before delivery. The eyepiece output is stopped.

How we adjust: About us

Skywatcher Startravel-102 on EQ1 Mount Large Field Refractor 102mm 500mm f / 5 Telescope

Skywatcher Startravel-102 Black Diamond Line Large Field Refractor 102 / 500mm on EQ1 mount
... a large field device for observing nature and astronomy in astronomy. Easy to transport ...

The Skywatcher Blackline 102 / 500mm is a Richfield device. This high-light refractor allows impressive views into the depths of the universe. Admire the Andromedanbel, our neighbor galaxy, with both companions. Look at these three galaxies in the midst of stars, thanks to the very generous facial. Here, even a spatial impression is given. The galaxy "hovers" so to speak in space.

Thanks to the 2-inch eyepiece, you can also use 2 "eyepieces, and a complete 2-inch kit is included under" recommended accessories ", which allows you to survey a skyfield that is about 8 times the full moon.

Tip for increased magnification - "recommended accessories"
Up to a magnification of 80x, the image is sharp and contrasting. If you want to increase the size higher, e.g. Moon and planets, we recommend a yellow filter or the Fringe Killer from Baader. These filters reduce the color error, which is normal with these very strong refractors.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Skywatcher 102/500 is a great device for traveling. The optical tube weighs only about 2.5kg.

The advantages of the Skywatcher 102 / 500mm on the EQ1:

- compact and highly transportable - mount and telescope weigh below 10kg
- powerful and light-weight multi-compensated optics with 102mm aperture
- more stable 2 "metal extension with improved properties for 2" and 1.25 "eyepieces
- direct T2 photo connection - with it the refractor is a 500mm telephoto lens with 1: 5
- equally suitable for astronomy and for earth observation
- even motorized tracking to compensate for the rotation of the earth is possible (see accessories)

The metal 2-inch eyepiece extractor

The Skywatcher 102 / 500mm eyepiece extractor is made of metal, it provides a clean adjustment and takes 2 "and of course 1.25 "Accessories on.


Also the photograph of more distant motifs on the earth and the mapping of star clusters and mists is possible with the refractor. The moon with its different phases is a worthwhile object. Bright and short exposure times make him very appealing - because a recording quickly and safely! The eyepiece pull-out has a direct T2 connection, where you can adapt your camera with T-rings.

Technical specifications:

- Opening: 102mm
- Focal distance: 500mm
- Opening ratio: f / 5
- Resolution: 1.13 "
- Limit size: 13m1
- Optics: Achromat according to Fraunhofer - 2linsig - with multivergütung
- Eyepieces: 2 inches with reduction to 1.25 inches and T2
- Mount: parallactic mount EQ1 with flexible waves and field stand
- Total weight: Refractor with mounting and accessories - approx. 10kg


- Tube with optics and pipe clamps
- Mount: EQ1 with flexible waves and field stand
- Viewfinder: Starpointer illuminator
- Eyepieces: Super 10mm and Super 25mm
- Barlow 2x Deluxe Barlow lens for doubling the magnification
- 90 ° zenith mirror for a comfortable view

Benefit from our experience as a telescope specialist:
For more than 30 years we have been passionate about astronomy
Every day we check, optimize & adjust telescopes, mounts & accessories, before handing over to the customer
In this way we know the advantages and disadvantages of the individual products
We sell & recommend only products we use ourselves of which we are convinced
For a comprehensive, brand-independent consultation we take a lot of time for you
As the first astronomy specialist, we offer our customers real-time video consulting,
For to see is to understand
Even after the purchase we are there for you & are still at the side for setup and operation
In case of questions or new entry, we offer instruction & In special cases also on-site service in the Munich area

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