Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescopes

Maksutov (MAK) telescopes are a combination of mirror and lens telescope. They combine the advantages of reflector telescopes (with high light collection power) and lens telescopes (with high-contrast imaging systems) without having their disadvantages of aberration & chromatic aberrations.
In contrast to the Schmidt-Cassegrain (SC) telescopes, instead of a correction plate at the beginning of the tube, MMAs have a simpler miniskus lens with a mirrored center. Practical side effect of the miniscus plate: The telescope is not susceptible to turbulence and it provides good protection of the tube interior from dust.

MAKs have a very sharp image and are among the most contrasting types of telescopes. The design allows a long focal length with a short tube. Due to this short length, they are very handy and easy to operate even on "simple" mounts.
Many MAKs have a variable focuser for focusing so that they have little or no main mirror donation.
All this makes MAKs very popular universal and travel telescopes.

These telescopes are controlled by us before delivery, measured and fine-adjusted in any case. Upon request, you will receive a meaningful quality certificate from your telescope (test report with star test, Ronchi, adjustment, with individual serial number) included! Please specify with order!
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