Newtonian Telescope

The Newton Reflecting Telescope (Newton Reflector) has been a proven telescope type for over 300 years. Eponym and inventor is Isaac Newton. The Newton has a very efficient design with a lot of opening and thus a lot of light collection performance, at a moderate price.
The incident light is focused by the (often parabolically ground) main mirror, which sits at the end of the tube, and thrown back onto the secondary mirror on the other side of the tube. The angled catch mirror now deflects the light by 90 degrees and sends it into the focuser on which a corresponding eyepiece sits.

The high light collection power predestined Newtonian reflectors for the observation of faint objects such as galaxies, nebulae and star clusters.
It should always be well adjusted so that the Newton reflector telescope always has the best optical performance. We will gladly advise you on the right adjustment. Each optic is optimized by us before the delivery and adjusted in any case (before).
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