Refractor telescope

The refractor telescope do not use mirrors but lenses to magnify the desired objects.
It is the classic form of telescope. The very first telescopes are based on this construction method.
Here, the incident light is refracted by the objective lens and reunited at the end of the tube via a converging lens at a focal point. Usually also sits a zenith mirror or zenith prism that redirects the visual image. The deflected image created by the lenses is magnified like a magnifying glass. The objective lens of the refractor can consist of 1.2 or more lenses.
Long-focal refractors shine through contrast and depth of detail, making them ideal planetary telescopes, through which one can observe the atmosphere bands of Jupiter and Poles of Mars in an optimal way.
Short focal length refractors allow low magnifications with large field of view, which makes them ideal travel telescopes, because they can easily be stowed in pockets due to the compact and smaller design.
All refractor telescopes are checked, measured and adjusted before delivery. The focuser is set. And you will receive on request from your telescope a meaningful proof of quality (test report with star test, Ronchi, adjustment, with individual serial number) included! Please specify with order!
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