Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth

Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
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Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth

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M-zero obs Bluetooth

Your next backyard mount
The new M-zero obs is the perfect solution for a backyard, personal, customized observatory.
NOTE: Motorized Polar Alignment are optional, to be purchased must be selected on the drop down menù below.
NOTE: If the version with the optional Motorized Polar Alignment kit it will be purchased, please notify in the “Notes and special request” field in the shopping cart, the latitude range where the mount wish to be used.


  • Mount Head
  • Aluminium anodised Pier
  • Mount transport bag
  • OBS Pier transport bag
  • Counterweight rod
  • StarGO Keypad
  • 0.5 kg Counterweight
  • Polar scope with support
  • Power Supply 15V/4 A
  • Warranty & Testing Certificates
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Allen wrench
  • Tripod plate and screws for fixing the mount to the tripod
  • USB flash drive with manuals and software
  • Ra/Dec motor cables
  • Dual Dec adapter

Small overall dimensions

With the same M-zero standard version smart and compact design, the M-zero obs comes with very small overall dimensions (72 x 64 x 60 cm), in this way it is possible to place the full equipment in a very small observatory.

The M-zero obs comes already provided with the HQ stepper motors, as well as the M-zero HQ, to achieve the best performance possible in tracking.

The well known M-zero reliability and versatility allow to equip on the mount many different setup, double telescope setup included.

No Meridian Flip

The M-zero obs, as well as the M-zero standard version and the M-uno, allow the very helpful No Meridian flip feature.
Two main configuration: one telescope setup, double telescope setup

Among the many setup possible with the M-zero obs, there are two main configuration: the one telescope setup and the double telescope setup. The first one is more suggested for those who wish to use the mount inside an observatory, the second is suggested as a portable setup.

One telescope setup (better for small observatory)

This configurations is suitable for a small customized observatory, the StarGo board can be assembled on the bottom side of the DEC arm, in this way it can be also considered as an "extra counterweight". In this way, with small refractor, the mount can be also balanced without any counterweight. The telescope can track all night long, without the need of the Meridian Flip, without any collision risk.

Double telescope setup (optimized for portable/stable backyard configuration)

The double telescope configuration has been optimized for the portable setup or a stable backyard configuration
In this way it will be possible to fully use the second telescope.
Thanks to the high quality materials (anodised aluminium and stainless steel), the mount can be left outside for long time, by using a simple cover, to prevent rain/humidity/weather damage.
In this way it will be possible to have several sessions and, thanks to the PARK/UNPARK StarGo GoTo System feature.
With this configuration the StarGo board can be assembled directly on the pier, in this way any second telescope collision risk will be prevented.

Optional Motorized Polar Alignment

The optional Motorized Polar Alignment allow a full remote control, in this way, once the setup has been done, it will be possible to perform an accurate remote Polar Alignment.

NOTE: Motorized Polar Alignment are optional and must be purchased separately.

m zero obs26 1000

Technical Data

Equatorial Single-Arm mount

 Weight16 kg
 Capacity8 kg/17.6 lb (one telescope) - 13 kg/28.6 lb (double telescopes setup)
Trasmission systemAll belts drive system based on four stages reducer. All the movements are on ball bearings. No maintenance and no backlash system. Pulleys made with special polymer fiberglass charged and high precision toothed belts.
Construction MaterialAnodised aluminium, worked out from single blocks with high precision 5 axis CNC machines
Polar FinderCelestron model
GOTO systemStarGO GoTo Control System Bluetooth version
Counterweight0.5 kg/1.1 lb
Scope plateVixen style
Warranty2 years from the purchase date, extended to 5 years for the transmission system
Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
Avalon M-zero obs Bluetooth
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