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The Shop for telescops and accessories in the world of astronomy!

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Please notice: This web site is under construction, more article will added in the next upcoming weeks!
(last update: 25.01.2015)

Do you know...?
  • ...every telescope must be optimally adjusted to achieve his
    system-conditioned optical achievement.
  • ...that telescopes is like a guitar ... only works perfect if it well tuned.
    Only than telescope provides the maximum of contrast and sharpness
  • ...that many telescopes are not delivered on account of the long transport by the manufacturers optimally adjusted.

Our passion -  Every customer has right to get the optimal optic!
By knowing this, we will check, adjust and survey every of our telescope
before, safely packed, we send it to our customers.
So w/ thus you receive always the best of all possible picture achievement and detailed being recognizable from us.

This service is free and is carried out with every telescope, accessories (zenith mirror, prism, Bino) and mounting by us before the dispatch and goes out in the extent and expenditure a "normal" high-class control!

If requested we compile Test protocol with star test, Ronchi, adjustments
and w/ your personal serial number.
Our will find a subset of our product portfolio in this online shop. If you miss something, just contact us and we provide offers of other astronomical products as well


Consultation and service:
Mo till  Fr    9 am  - 8 pm
Sa             10 am - 4 pm
(...and at night in terms of clear sky)
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 / 680 50 200
Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 680 50 199


Visit our exhibition and shop in Munich:

Meglingerstr. 20 - 81477 Munich
They find us beside the media market, towards McFit and close to Aldi, Hagebau and Dehner.
Parking bays in close vicinity.

Dear Visitors, please call before visit.
A detailed and intensive consultation needs a lot of time. Especially beginners, kids and experts want to be specified very much and be consulted clearly! Thus we need up to one to three hours for this service and want to avoid that you have to wait too long till the consultation are ready (moreover, puts under pressure us a little if we must keep waiting star friends ;-)!
Please call, before you visit us.

Contact Data:

InnoComp / Karl Kloss
Telescope specialists

Meglingerstr. 20
81477 Munich

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